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Increase Business Performance 10X    

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Optima Business Technology Advisement

For boot-strapped entrepreneurs, starting a business with a mentor can be the critical difference between success and failure. As the founder and CEO of Optima Business Technology Advisement, I elevate the performance and valuation of technology startups seeking an experienced small business management and consulting coach and advisor. My name is Blaine Ornburg and using a unique combination of small business advising, performance consulting, private equity funding, and hands-on mentoring, I help my clients grow, fund, scale, and optimize their technology-based businesses. My typical client has increased their business performance and valuation by 10X.

View several of my client's experiences with me in the Clients & Testimonials section of this website. Technology entrepreneurs are discovering that accountability to a senior consultant and mentor, one successful in all aspects of business strategy and operations, is invaluable to achieving professional and personal goals. I strongly encourage you to learn if you and your organization can benefit from supportive, hands-on guidance. Simply select the Contact tab and request a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Blaine.



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